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Fencing-Escrime Nb (FENB)

Our provincial organization. This page has a lot of important (and official!) information about the sport here in NB.

FENB Events calendar 2023-24

The event calendar for the events like tournaments and training camps around the province (and some outside of the province too).

Fencing Equipment

While the club has all of the gear members need to fence, many fencers like to start getting their own equipment as they do more competitions. If you are interested in getting your own gear we often recommend the following order:

court shoes -> glove -> mask -> blade -> breeches -> plastron -> jacket

Court shoes can be found in most sporting goods stores, look for court shoes with good ankle / lateral foot support and heel cushioning. ASICS are often a good choice. But for the fencing-specific equipment you will need to find specific supplies. Here is a (certainly not-exhaustive) list of where you can find fencing equipment.

New Brunswick Suppliers

LeBlanc Armuriers

Based primarily in Moncton, LeBlanc Armuriers sell a variety of equipment, both individually and in sets. The club uses them as its primary source of equipment, especially since they are in Saint John often. There are a lot of benefits to using them, especially when you are first buying equipment:

  • Good prices

  • You can try different sizes before buying

  • No shipping / duty

  • Arrives quickly

American Suppliers

The advantage of buying American is that their prices are usually pretty good, especially for beginner sets. They also tend to ship really quickly. But again, be aware that you will be paying more than the listed price after conversion, shipping, and duty.

Absolute Fencing - Bridgewater, NJ

Blue Gauntlet - Saddlebook, NJ

Canadian Fencing federation

The website for our national organization.

Get a Provincial Membership

All participants in fencing must have valid memberships with FENB. This is the page where you can get / renew your membership.

Canadian Suppliers

Buying Canadian is usually a good idea: even if the gear looks a lot more expensive here compared to the US, between shipping, currency conversion rates, and customs (oh, the duty can HURT!), the prices end up being reasonable and the quality tends to be high.

Imex Sport - Montreal, QC

Crossed Swords - Winnipeg, MB

Leon Paul Canada