Want to fence?

The number one reason to try fencing is that it is super fun to test your mental and physical abilities against someone else, but there are plenty of others. Fencing helps to hone the mind and body, and because it draws on both, it is an inclusive activity for people of all kinds of abilities. There is a very personal, expressive element to fencing insofar as there is no one way to fence or to win in any given match, it's all about how YOU do it.

how do i start?

If you are new to fencing and want to try it, click the button to the right to go to a Google form where you can book an orientation session. The session will get you ready to participate in your first class. Both the session and first class are FREE. You can also just book a time to come in and watch a practice if you'd like.

What do I need?

No fencing equipment required, you can use the club gear for a small fee. But you will need the following:

  1. t-shirt

  2. long, stretchy pants (something you can easily move and bend in, we don't recommend jeans)

  3. indoor sneakers

  4. water and a towel

  5. males should wear a cup / athletic protector

What does it cost?

To get started (1st month): $120

Afterwards: $40 per month (1 session / week)

$60 per month (2+ sessions / week)

We have tried to keep costs low to make the sport accessible, and we are happy to work with groups like P.R.O. Kids to help people participate despite the barriers they may be facing.